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by Santiago Calatrava

The logo of the company is the Arabic letter “        ” which stands as a word by itself in Arabic when used as an adjective for adequacy. Our core value at Kaf is the quest for beauty via balancing eloquence, effectivity and fulfillment in the design and development field.

A hallway separating the delegation accommodation from the defense conference center. It was prudently designed to find the right balance between the imposing presence of the ministry of defense and the welcoming impression it should give to visitors.

The design concept was inspired by the nature of the construction filed. The client’s headquarter was decorated using construction materials in layers, starting from the glass façade and ending by the concrete wall of the tower core.

The design was inspired from the old thermostat shape, using its basic iconic geometry that is linked to our collective memory. The device remains mostly invisible due to its tented mirror and metallic material that reflect its surrounded environment.

When the design process is thoughtful and slow, yet powerful and right to the point, it is best reflected by the panda as a logo to the client’s design workshop.

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