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Consultancy Services

Our mission at Kaf consultancy department is to provide investors with the necessary tools to access the complex real estate sector, through the most creative use of factual-based-market research. We found that if investors are to be successful at that, there are impediments for which we have our full-devoted time and effort to overcome through the following steps:

Enable comfortable accessibility to market data.

Using comprehensively factual analysis as a common ground between Kaf and clients.

Tailoring our investment studies to client interest.

As a result, building long-live relationship with clients.

We cover a range of consultancy services that range from eye-opening advice on potential market opportunities to providing clients with a complete real estate feasibility study, business model and architectural design in the fields of their interest. Our consultancy services include:

Consultancy Services

  • Market Examination.

  • Urban Study to find the right location to implement the project or evaluate suggested location(s) by client.

  • Preparing cost, revenue and net profit estimation document.

  • Reviewing Technical Requirements to execute real estate projects.

  • Exploring and choosing the right business model to projects.

  • Exploring alternative/escape routes to account for worst-case scenarios.

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