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Property Management Services

We take care of your property like it’s our own. Renting your property, managing your frequently due payments of bills insurances and other residential fees, Cleaning home and optimizing its interior appeal and renting your property for the optimal market value are all some of the services we provide with consistency, efficiency and reliability. 

At Kaf, we make sure that our property-marketing service is tailored to the apartment’s specific strengths. Whether it’s the strategic location, view and/or the surrounding services of the property, we work smart to market these attraction points making sure they are met with the best rental-market value.

Our team is dedicated to cover a wide range of services, which are all aimed at giving peace of mind to property owners, which include:

  • Marketing

  • Evaluation of property optimal rental rates/options

  • Suggest and execute apartment repairs/aesthetic enhancements that can increase rental rates.

  • Screening and selecting the right tenant

  • Preparing tenancy contracts

  • Rent collection

  • Signing a property status-report prior to the start of tenancy period

Rent-Related Services

  • Registration of the tenancy agreement with legal authorities

  • Preparing renewal of tenancy contracts

  • Signing a property-status report after the end of tenancy period

  • Settling landlord tenant disputes

  • Issuance of Legal Notice in case of nonpayment and/or eviction

  • Preparing to landlords quarterly general status report

  • New property handover and Key Collection

  • Payments of bills, insurances and other residential fees.

Management Services

Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance services (Plumbing, electrical and other maintenance works)

  • Cleaning services

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