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Real estate Development

Kaf’s goals in the real estate sector were to take advantage of developing opportunities and turn them into quality investments.
Kaf's success in the field of real estate as both an investor and a developer is apparent in its many residential projects from deferent size’s, such as Apartment building’s, villa’s and palace’s.

To reach its target, Kaf has the vision of creating and developing high quality real estate projects to enrich people’s quality of life. 

Having delivered diverse projects throughout Kaf’s career, we were not only concerned about meeting the client’s high living standard, but also in enriching their awareness of time, space and beauty. This awareness is finely shaped through attentive understanding to the particularity of the site making valuable use of its privileges in the most reflective manner. 

In the midst of Shatee district, This magnificent Villa of 1.400 m2 with a twin floor, 2 Large reception halls on the ground floor with a large kitchen and a dinning room, and 6 bedrooms on the upper floor. Central A/C and elevator, An independent private reception, lounge and swimming pool. At the top floor, there is a large suite panoramically overlooking a roof garden. 

Luxurious residential complex of palaces, twin palaces with an area of 2700 m2 and a main one with 5600 m2 surrounded by a charming garden, this 2700 m2 stoned covered palace accommodates 4 salons, 4 Master suits (each with a bedroom, lounge, dressing room and a bathroom),14 bedrooms in total plus 3 living rooms. on the ground floor, it has 4 dinning rooms and 3 spacious.

​An Extraordinary and exceptional, This magnificent palace, built with unsurpassed attention to detail, is situated in the finest district of Jeddah, neighboring the creek, just west of the King’s road. The palace has an exceptional space consists of 3 floors and 2 distinctive reception halls over looking the garden. With a total built up area of 9300 m2 on 10 000m2 of plot area. 

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