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12   /   09   /   2008

From 2009 to 2011, we worked for DGT Architects in Paris  on the new National Museum of Estonia. The museum is due to open in September 2016. Their proposal for this Museum challenged the competition brief. Instead of locating the building on the proposed site, they chose to reappropriate a nearby former Soviet military base as the setting for the Museum - a physically present ‘ruin’ of a painful history. They believed that the new Museum should play an essential role in the regeneration of the area and to do so it had to start by dealing with this heavily charged and spatially unique place. With a sensitive implementation on this site, the National Museum becomes a continuation of the airfield – its roof lifting and expanding towards ‘infinite space’ - inviting the visitor to enter into the landscape and into the heart of the museum. The Estonian National Museum’s design creates an open house for public activities – exhibition, performance, learning - a place of gathering and interaction, bringing people together to celebrate a rich, if sometimes painful, history.

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