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18   /   07   /   2010

The design of this agrıcultural college had to integrate in the foreground what makes the specificity of this sector, the Landscape and the Environment. The architecture of the future building must originate from the specificity of the site and its direct surroundings. "It must be a reflection, a dialogue with the landscape".

It seems essential to inscribe the new building in the continuity of the existing pleasant site.

For this context, wood has become a natural choice, because of its natural character, its positive carbon balance and of course for being of vegetable origin as a material. It structures, dresses and stages the building, which appears as a monolithic block marked by the repetition of narrow blades of cladding. There are hollow spaces (covered entrance, high terrace etc.) and there is a game implicitly played in the lay out of the slats and the dimensioning of the openings strictly based on the needs of the sheltered space adjoining, Landscape & environment.

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